Powerball Dreams

I never play the lottery. My mom does. I do not.

This week, with a pot of over 1 billion dollars, I will be buying lottery tickets.

What would I do with 1.3 billion dollars?

I’d get a therapist to keep my head from exploding over the wonderful trauma. Next, I’d hire a team of top notch financial advisors to help make sure that the money would grow forever in my name.

As a fun social experiment, I would choose a city and give each person between $500,000 and $1M with a contract attached on how they can spend the money. Just to see what would happen.

Drawcation. Indefinitely.

I would use a large chunk to fund some noble cause…cancer research, environmental cause, etc.

I would start a small county for me and my squad. No sucky people allowed.

I’d have children….and maybe start an orphanage for kids that included top notch education, health, and wellness programs.

I’d still make books…eventually.

I’d pick a few schools and pay everyone’s college tuition for the year.

Treehouse studio. That is all.

Buy art.

So much more to dream up…my mind is so pedestrian now though. I grew up in the struggle and the struggle is still real for me. Financial excess has never been a part of my family’s vocabulary. Honestly, if I were to come into that kind of money, I would need at least a year to just dream and plan. I’ll keep you posted if I do win 😉