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Ages 4-8, 32 pages

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A Child's Book of Prayers and Blessings: From Faiths and Cultures Around the World

by Deloris Jordan (Author), Shadra Strickland (Illustrator)

From the coauthor of Salt in His Shoes Deloris Jordan comes a comforting book of prayers collected from faiths and cultures all over the world.

From cultures and countries near and far, this collection of more than twenty poems and prayers selected especially to share with children affirms the wonder and beauty of all things great and small in our world. Whether it be the flowers in spring, the wind and the rain, the wide sunset sky or friends and family who we hold dear, there are many reasons to give thanks for the world we live in.


“Pink and orange sunbeams surround a diverse group of children on the cover of this lovely book, welcoming youngsters to Jordan’s kid-friendly collection of 21 prayers… Appended with a note about the authors and sources of these prayers (most are available in public domain), this should make a good addition to the young family prayer shelf.”

“Jordan presents an interfaith compilation of poems, prayers, and songs that includes familiar offerings such as “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” and “Michael, Row the Boat Ashore,” as well as Tibetan Buddhist and Old Testament blessings, an Islamic prayer, and a Navajo song. Many of the 20+ entries are of unknown origin, and an afterword provides a handful of details about them. Colored in a creamy, restful palette, Strickland’s linoleum prints are loosely structured over an unfolding day, featuring children around the world heading into church, clasping hands while singing, and enjoying moments of quiet solitude. It’s an eclectic and varied look at the way communities and cultures express praise, gratitude, and blessing.”
—Publishers Weekly