Praise for Eliza

ELIZA’S FREEDOM ROAD will debut in January~ Here is a bit of pre-release buzz to whet your appetites:

“A story of hope, determination, and the triumph of the human spirit.”
— Alma Powell, wife of former Secretary of State Colin Powell

“Like the young slave girl who watches a cook ‘stirring tears into…stew,” Nolen stirs Eliza’s sad and frightening diary into a rich, empowering story.  There’s enough history here to make this required reading, but the urgency of Eliza’s voice makes this trip back in time a compelling page turner brimming with authentic details.  Jerdine Nolen truly brings Eliza to life and puts you right on the road north with her…the road to freedom.”
Pat Cummings

“The best stories take us on a journey, make us happy to have gone along for the ride, and leave us a bit saddened to have reached the end.  This is such a story.”
Nikki Grimes

“This is not a book for yesterday but rather for tomorrow. I’m so glad Jerdine Nolen had the imagination and courage to write this. Read it now to your children so that they will read it to your grandchildren so that it will be read on and on. History and imagination is how we survive.”
Nikki Giovanni, poet

Congrats again to Jerdine Nolen for a wonderful book~

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