Ninth Ward

Ninth WardNinth Ward by Jewell Parker Rhodes
I have wanted to read this book since the day I saw it on Amazon. In October I will be speaking with Jewel Parker Rhodes at the Southern Festival of Books in TN. I read the book in one day and am looking forward to reading it again and again.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Even though we all have an idea of what happened when Katrina hit New Orleans, this book connects us even more to the spirit and resiliency of the people who lived there and the events that took place during the storm and flooding of the city, specifically the Ninth Ward. Jewel Parker Rhodes does a wonderful job of using the theme of “second sight” as a device for heightening suspense in the story. The realism of the storm coupled with the voice of our young protagonist, Lanesha, touched with a dash of magical realism make this book a stand out for me. I highly recommend it.

The cover art is perfectly matched to this text. Shino Arihara (illustrator) and Alison Impey (designer) did a fantastic job of packaging this beautiful book. Kudos to all.

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