My blog saved my rep….

I e-mailed my dummy last week to Candlewick and didn’t hear back right away. I took this as nothing too unusual. I know how busy editor’s and designers can get. A week later the designer that I will be working with e-mailed to check on the status of the dummy. I realized they didn’t get it 🙁 Fortunately I also sent it to my agent the same time I sent it to my house. She e-mailed me to say that the way they realized that the dummy was sent was through the authors who read my blog 🙂

So, now that I realize people read my blog outside of my mom, and SVA comrades, I will be talking more about art and less about cupcakes and celebrity sightings here in NY.

I’m so gonna be using this story in panel discussions some day.

Oh, and did I mention
Kirkus Reviews has selected BIRD to be featured in the upcoming Editors’ Choice special edition on children’s books. I’m still dancing.