I AM A MAN: revisited, and sowing seeds

Last night I attended the I AM A MAN exhibit at
MoCADA – The Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Art.

Charly “Carlos” Palmer, a very talented painter residing in Atlanta, GA., was showing alongside Hank Willis Thomas, Russell Frederick, Rah Crawford, Radcliff Bailey, Leroy Henderson, Fahamu Pecou, Jefferson Pinder, Terrence Jennings and Juan Sanchez. I met Carlos about seven years ago in a figure drawing/painting session at the Atlanta University Center. It was great seeing him at the show and seeing two of his latest pieces.

I also shook hands with Fahamu Pecou, owner of Diamond Lounge Creative, and the mind behind the ongoing series Fahamu Pecou is the sh@@. I’ve been following both of these artist’s careers for many years now.  It’s so wonderful to meet them here in New York.

Talking with Carlos was extremely refreshing. Through the years I stayed in touch, sending him e-mails to keep him informed of my work and visiting his web site to stay informed of his. His paintings are truly inspiring and I hope that our paths will cross again sometime in the world of art. Another testament to staying in in touch and encouraging one another is my e-friendship with Nicole Tadgell. She and I were once crit buddies online. We have since then published multiple books with Lee and Low and continue to communicate via snail mail and through the internet.Hopefully one day we’ll actually meet in the flesh.

Alice Walker once said to me that “we are all in this together”. At the time I thought, I’m in a itty bitty row boat, while you’re in a yacht that can fly. But now, I get it. We are all creative people trying to share our gifts with the world. I believe that if we work hard at what we do, we will all get there eventually….wherever “there” may be.

BTW, Kirkus Reviews has selected BIRD to be featured in the upcoming Editors’ Choice special edition on children’s books. I’m doing a happy dance 🙂