Jump In! earns two stars!

My solo debut, Jump In! will be released on January 31st. The first review came in from Kirkus two weeks ago and it was a star! They called it “A moving, grooving snapshot of urban life where kids create the fun and beckon everybody in.” Wow! Just wow! Kirkus has always been very kind to my work. They welcomed my very book, BIRD , written by Zetta Elliott, with open arms, which absolutely helped launch my career as an illustrator. It means so much to get that blue star of approval for my writing on Jump In!

So, naturally, I have been stalking the review journals for more juice (as one does). Last night, after my fourth plate of macaroni and cheese, I went up to the guest room to lie down for a little bit of recovery. As I was scrolling through the world’s food pics on social media, I hopped on over to Publisher’s Weekly to look up Jump In! and what did I find? A glowing red star next to the cover with a spectacular review!!!!!!!! This is my very first starred review from PW. They summed it up by saying “It’s a celebration of intergenerational community and play whose turns spotlight the strengths of both individuals and an inclusive, supportive, tight-knit community.”

I can’t tell you how much this means to me. To get that second review while being surrounded by my family last night was the best I could hope for. Though many of our elders have transitioned, I could absolutely feel their love surrounding us last night.

You can pre-order Jump In! now where books are sold!