Creative Weapons of Choice

On January 5th, I started a fun game (because I am a genius at productive procrastination) on Instagram and Facebook and asked people to share their creative weapons of choice. A few folks participated- sending selfies and art supplies back across the webosphere. I am obsessed with art supplies and creative processes of creative folk. … Read more

Penn Center and NBAF

I just returned from a three day trip with the National Black Arts Festival exploring Gullah Culture. Gullah – one of a group of people of African ancestry that live in the Sea Islands and coastal areas of South Carolina, Georgia, and northern Florida; the creolized language of the Gullahs, based on English and several … Read more

Cool Research Randomness

Today while researching 1950’s Alabama for my next book, I came across this great photo of Joan Baez and Susan Sarandon talking during the Selma to Montgomery March. The photo is dated 1965. It’s amazing who life will bring your way.