We need this

Award winning artist, R. Gregory Christie has launched a kickstarter campaign to open a working store and studio in North Dekalb Mall in Atlanta, GA! Why should you support this?

1. There are no other stores like this in Georgia…especially North Dekalb Mall.

2. It’s Greg Christie

3. I wanna go and hang out there.

4. It would boost literacy, creativity and entrepreneurship in the neighborhood.

From the site:
Surprisingly for a mall, the space is very raw, there is even graffiti on the walls. It will take several gallons of primer, several gallons of paint , a new floor, proper lighting, signs, video monitor, shelving, display racks, a graphic designer, publicity, advertising to local schools, churches and libraries. and cash register.  As of now this is all being funded by the owner. Georgia has licencing by each county (rather by the state) along with an intricate, belaboring  and expensive process for opening a small business. There are leasing fees and insurance required by the mall and these specific things are being paid for by the owner.This kick starter request is to make this store stunning rather than to have the county, mall and federal paperwork completed; only to see books displayed on a gym table with chairs.