We Are the Change

On May 7th, Chronicle Books will release a gorgeous illustrated book that features artwork from 16 amazing artists (Selina Alko, Alina Chau, Lisa Congdon, Emily Hughes, Molly Idle, Juana Medina, Innosanto Nagara, Christopher Silas Neal, John Parra, Brian Pinkney, Greg Pizzoli, Sean Qualls, Dan Santat, Me, Melissa Sweet, and Raúl the Third). Each illustration represents a powerful quote by a civil rights leader.

I chose a somewhat straightforward portrait of Nina Simone because she I love her and the powerful protest music that she made in the thick of the civil rights movement. The quote that I chose came from the interview below, where she was asked “what free means”. Thank you Ms. Simone for your wonderful passion.

Proceeds from the sale of this book go to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union). Chronicle is one of my favorite houses. I was honored to work with Patricia Hruby Powell on Loving vs. Virginia alongside editor Melisa Manlove, and I was honored to be asked to contribute to this book.

a poem about Nina by R. Harris

Make sure you get a copy for yourself! I’ve seen the entire book, and man! you won’t be disappointed!! It’s stunning.