…and it’s just January.

We’re well into 2013 and all is moving (somewhat) smoothly. I spent my winter break here in Baltimore working which was a welcome break from my teaching schedule. I am halfway through a new project and am looking forward to clearing my head in a couple of months. I did take a few days to do little to nothing, mainly, watch the entire Battlestar Galactia series. Thanks Netflix! A few fun trips also happened in 2013. Around Christmas, I threw a small, old fashioned cookie party. Some of the gradate students that joined were from other countries and had never made cookies from scratch before. After gorging ourselves on cookies and egg nog, we took a quick drive over to 34 street to see the Hampden Festival of lights. What a treat.

Cookie art

I also took a trip to Kutztown, PA, for Jonathan Bean’s release party of his latest masterpiece, Building Our House. Jonathan set the stage for a magical evening with a lantern lit pathway set off by floating orbs of lights in the surrounding trees and a warm bonfire in the middle of the yard where we roasted marshmallows. Inside, guests were welcome to tour the rooms of the house and fill their bellies with homemade hot chocolate, spiced cider, sauerkraut, pretzels, and sloppy joes.

Bean and me

setting a magical stage

setting a magical stage

The Bean family (we missed you Emily!)

The Bean family (we missed you Emily!)

We were so lucky to share in this event with Jonathan and his family.

My dear talented friend, Zetta Elliott made it down for a great day trip last week. I love when my book friends come to visit because we always do something to make ourselves a little smarter and more interesting. We spent the morning sharing ideas and stories with Deb Taylor, from Enoch Pratt Library, and after a luxurious nap we headed over to The Walters Art Museum to see their latest exhibition, Revealing the African Presence in Renaissance Europe. I also shared one of Baltimore’s gems, The Peabody Library. Afterwards, we met up with a friend for dinner and ended the night watching a fun movie.

Lastly, in book news, White Water was acquired by Scholastic’s book club! My copies arrived in the mail last week. The trim size was reduced to a cozy 8 x 10″, which gives it a more intimate feel. They also added a glossy cover, increasing the contrast and making the colors really pop.


So, we’re off to a decent start to 2013! I am ready to hit the ground running and get it all done.

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