Tae and Sha

Tae and Sha under the cherry blossoms, thirty years ago. By Taeeun Yoo~

I have read about women artists who’ve lived together in a hazy creative dream—even for a short spell. Trina Schart Hyman, Tove Jansson, The Red Rose Girls…It’s always made me envious and a bit sad that I didn’t have it for myself. As much as I have tried to live an interesting and free life, when it comes

down to brass tacks, it’s been pretty conventional so far. Or maybe, I’m just too close…too entrenched to see the real charm of my youth that I will appreciate in later years.

My dearest Taeeun is living with me for a couple of months. Her being here has opened a window for me. It is our art dream to work alongside oneanother in a shared studio. We wake up together, exercise together, work together, share books, take walks, and inspire one another each day. It is perfect, for a spell. In a couple of months she will go back to her home in Seoul with her husband. I will travel with her to finally meet Seoul, but after a few weeks will come back to my home and adjust to being quiet again.


For now, we will work and document our time, and be thankful that our lives have led us to this.

*dreamy sigh*