Sketching for Season 3 of YOU

Tati Gabrielle as Marienne drawing The Little Prince


Back in February, my agent got a call for me to contribute artwork to the show YOU. Initially I thought it was a hoax, but turns out, they actually were looking for me. This season, the main character, Joe, moves lives in California and begins working in a library. The librarian, Marienne, turns out to also be a children’s book illustrator. The producers needed sketches to make her world believable.

The also asked for a sketch of The Little Prince. I sent a box full of old drawings, sketches, and old paintings for the prop master to choose from. I figured it’d be easiest for me to send a variety of things for them to work with. Now that the show has aired, it has been such fun to play eye spy in Marienne’s world. All of the sketches that you see her sorting through, along with some artwork in her apartment, and the Little Prince sketch that she shows Joe are mine. It was SO cool to see my little drawings on television. I’m so grateful to be asked to play along.

I also thought that they did an amazing job this season given that everyone worked through a pandemic! Kudos to the team. Don’t miss this season of YOU!