childrensoarBooklist gives OUR CHILDREN CAN SOAR a starred review!

image *Our Children Can Soar: A Celebration of Rosa, Barack, and the Pioneers of Change.
“Celebration, inspiration, and connection are the themes that drive this big, handsome picture book with art by 13 leading artists. There is the celebration of the historic 2008 presidential election, its connection with the African American trailblazers and leaders that made it possible, and inspiration for young people today. Based on phrases that appeared at rallies, on blogs, and in text messages during the election, the spare words focus on the exciting biography and history: “Ella sang . . . so Jackie could score. Jackie scored . . . so Rosa could sit.” In their signature styles, many great artists are at their best here, including E. B. Lewis, Bryan Collier, Leo and Diane Dillon, and AG Ford. James Ransome’s beautiful opening painting, accompanying the words “our ancestors fought,” shows runaway slaves, a Civil War soldier, and a story quilt. The climactic spread is Eric Velasquez’s portrait of Obama as a new president before a cheering crowd. Of course there will be controversy about who is missing (no Malcolm X or W.E.B. DuBois?). And why include the actress who played the stereotyped Mammy in Gone with the Wind? But, as Marion Wright Edelman says in her foreword, the book’s message of hope will inspire parents and grandparents to share their memories and talk with children about the future.”— Booklist, starred review