Living the Dream – chapitre cinq

In thinking of my memoir, I am about to begin chapter 5. The table of contents thus far would be:

Chapter 1 – the beginning (covering childhood through high school)

Chapter 2 – education (my college years)

Chapter 3 – returning home (teaching in Atlanta)

Chapter 4 – NYC (SVA days and the beginning of my working life in NYC)

and now, Chapter 5…

January 2010 I am leaving NYC and returning home to Atlanta. I have been in New York for six years now and there have been significant changes in my family. We’ve lost a dear loved one and new people (big and small) have been welcomed into the fold. In light of all of this, I have decided to, instead of renewing my lease another year, move out of my current apartment and head back south. In April I will pack up my pens, pencils, and paper and hop on a plane to . . .


Pourquoi? Pourquoi no?

My plans are still brewing, so if anyone has suggestions on finding an apartment, places to see, people to meet, etc. etc…please don’t be shy about sharing.

My goal is to learn the art of printmaking, specifically lithography. I have a few small leads, but am still looking and planning. So, those are plans for 2010! It should be an exciting and challenging year and I am looking forward to many new experiences, more growth, and a host of new people to add to the collection ;-).