Kids’ Books

This year I worked with Learning Leaders to visit NY classrooms and share my work with kids. I did 8 visits between two classes over the course of 4 consecutive months. For the activity portion of my visit we made single sheet books where the kids had to tell a story with pictures only! It was a challenge in the beginning, but the kids got into the mode of thinking very quickly and made some really impressive books. Most kept their books for themselves, but a couple of the students gave theirs to me!

This is a super confidence building activity for children who struggle with writing. It also helps sharpen their ordering skills.

Here is one of the finished products. Enjoy! (click on the pages to enlarge)




The Plant Helpers by Camille Kirby, Age 9
Synopsis: A bad man comes along, chops down a tree and takes it away. The children go to the community garden to buy seeds. They plant the seeds and one week later flowers, trees, and pumpkins grow, everyone is happy.

Sarah Stewart and David Small’s The Gardener and Peter Brown’s The Curious Garden would be great additions to Camille’s library!

*Also of note*
The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art has offered me a complimentary membership to the museum as a token of congratulations! How cool is that?!?! I can’t wait to go, who’s comin’ with me?