I’m a literacyhead!

Today is a very big day. About a week and a half ago Jan Burkins and Roberta Gardner of Literacyhead came by my studio for a three hour interview! Today, you can see a lot of what we talked about at Literacyhead.com, an online magazine created to help teachers nurture their creative lives while they meet the demands of high accountability to which they are subject. It’s a fantastic site that helps breathe some life back into the classroom and reading. I am so honored to have had my art on the site in the past and am knocked off of my feet to be featured throughout this month. So, enjoy the site and become a literacyhead yourself!

And, without further ado, the trailer for A PLACE WHERE HURRICANES HAPPEN is finally up! A HUGE “Thank you” goes out to LaNese Harris, my cousin and producer extraordinaire at Southern Peach Productions, for a job well done! Another thank you goes out to my friend and (usual) trailer partner-in-crime editor, Nadirah Bell for trying to squeeze it in before and after her move across country. My family rocks!