Funny fact…

I check my blog stats weekly to see which pages get the most traffic here on “Living the Dream”. The most viewed page on my site is Bridal Shower Drawing. Go figure…. It gets hits everyday without fail. All you maids of honor out there looking for that special bridal shower invitation, thanks for checking me out~ Good luck with your planning!

On the work side of things, I visited the Central Branch of the Atlanta-Fulton County Library this week for their summer reading kickoff. I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. C. Hope, the children’s librarian there along with Dr. Hopkins,  the director of the National Black Arts Festival. The big treat for me was seeing my first bound copy of A PLACE WHERE HURRICANES HAPPEN! It’s already making it’s way to libraries :-). I had only seen the F&Gs prior to this visit, so to actually hold the bound, color corrected book was a huge and wonderful surprise. Looking forward to becoming more involved with my hometown libraries~

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  1. Hannah
    June 20, 2010

    I just found your site by Googling “best invitation” and your bridal shower invite was one of the top ones and looked great, so I clicked through. Your blog then looked interesting so I’ve ended up on your most recent post – commenting on your bridal shower invitation post. Gotta love Google! I was actually hunting around for inspiration for a reunion invitation, using our school “mascot” of a gryphon. Keep up the good work!


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