Fells Point Drawings

Today we headed to Fells Point to draw. It was warm and sunny out which led to a couple of drawings I am really happy with. I am drawing with a Pentel brush pen in an Archie Grand Jumbo sketchbook which opens up to a generous spread of 16″ x 24″.

City Pier @ Fells Point
what are city benches used for?

The tree is shaded with a photoshop brush. The three images to the left of the tree are done separately and dropped into photoshop.

My students take their time in getting scanned work to me, but here is a link to the Visual Journalism Blog. You can also check out the blog of Aaron Provost, who updates his location work weekly. Go Aaron!


  1. A. Provost
    October 1, 2011

    Thanks for the link Shadra!

    Really dig that first drawing a lot. The addition of the helo is so simple a thing but something that really helps fill out the composition nicely. I’ll have to remember that when on location in B-more, especially with how common they are in the air. At least when it’s not raining that is…

    • Shadra
      October 1, 2011

      Thanks Aaron. No problem! It’s nice to see your drawings and document your progress through your blog.

      I try to incorporate little details that come along throughout the drawing. The helicopter passed over and I had to act quickly to get that detail in. It does make the difference between making a nice drawing and really capturing a moment in time. I need to fill in those fences eventually….


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