Etching 2

Posted on Mar 7, 2010 in Art, Uncategorized

My etching class is almost over. I was only able to finish one print, but am hoping to be able to make a bit more progress on this second one before class ends. Here’s the first proof. Unfortunately the first attempt at etching the lines on this were botched. The acid didn’t bite through. I had to reapply the hard ground and redraw the lines then drop it back in the acid bath. The second time though, the lines etched a bit too much. The same thing happened when drawing the background in soft ground. I had to reapply and redraw and some of the lines still didn’t bite through 🙁 I’ll post the updates as they come along.


  1. Marion
    March 8, 2010

    Shadra, this is beautiful! So graceful. The composition reminds me very much of Cicely Mary Barker. 🙂

    • Shadra
      March 8, 2010

      Thanks, I wish it came out the first time I etched it. It feels awfully heavy here. I was going for a more Ruud van Empel feel…..


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