“Count Me in Kids” Interview and stuff…

A few things, first, check out the interview I did with Casey Ahn over at Count Me in Kids, a new blog whose goal is to empower the next generation of Asian-American children by exposing them to books, artwork, television programming and movies that reflect their faces and their lives. Casey featured my work last month and I chimed in to say thanks. She then asked for an interview; we chatted on the phone for about half an hour and the rest is history. The interview is very concise as she was typing as I talked, and I am impressed to see that all of the bases were covered! Thanks Casey for taking the time to share my work with your readers~ Stop on over and share your thoughts with her.

Secondly, a big THANKS to Jules over at Seven-Imp for sharing my “Spring Splash” print on her blog. Check that out along with the work of Amy Shimler. You’re in for a real treat.

Lastly, Stone Mountain Patch is stopping by the studio today. Look for that interview soon~

In non-Shadra related news, a big congratulations goes out to Jillian Tamaki for her AMAZING Penguin Threads Deluxe Classics. Here is one of the covers taken from her blog. Head on over to her sketchblog to see the rest and how she did them. They’re awesome.