Baltimore Book Fair Recap

Picture 1

The Baltimore Book Fair was a great success! I had a chance to see some old friends, meet a few new little people and share my love of books and drawings. The best part of the day was when, while illustrating on stage with a few kids, I needed to draw a road. I drew two lines diminishing to a single vanishing point (art lingo for those in the know ;-)). One young girl says, “that doesn’t look like a road!”. I say “you’re right”, add dotted lines down the middle (also toward the vanishing point), after which I hear a loud “that’s so AWESOME!” from a young artist (who informed me that he draws in a sketchbook at home earlier in the presentation).  I think it was his first perspective lesson. . . mind officially blown.

Thanks to Lee &  Low for arranging the visit and Heather C. (organizer and talent handler extraordinaire). For more pics check out the Flickr stream from book lover, P. Bee. Thanks Baltimore!