Evolution of a Cover

My cover art for ELIZA’S FREEDOM ROAD, AN UNDERGROUND RAILROAD DIARY, by Jerdine Nolen has been unveiled. Here is the final jacket:

Krista V., our designer, did a fantastic job with the diary concept. My original idea shows the heroine’s quilt turning into a landscape. Once you read the book, you’ll get it 😉 I’m bummed that sales didn’t go with the full illustration because I was really proud of it, but at the end of the day, I think this one works well too and immediately sells the idea of an aged diary. Too bad we couldn’t do a double cover with the fully illustrated case and a $$ die-cut jacket $$. Maybe for the pb :-).

I hope you read the book when it comes out. Jerdine Nolen is one of my favorite writers and I am honored to grace the cover and pages of one of her books.