White Water
written by Michael S. Bandy and Eric Stein
Candlewick Press 2011
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For a young boy growing up in the segregated south, a town drinking fountain becomes the source of an epiphany.

It s a scorching hot day, and going into town with Grandma is one of Michael s favorite things. When the bus pulls up, they climb in and pay their fare, get out, walk to the back door, and climb in again. By the time they arrive in town, Michael’s throat is as dry as a bone, so he runs to the water fountain. But after a few sips, the warm, rusty water tastes bad. Why is the kid at the “Whites Only” fountain still drinking? Is his water clear and refreshingly cool? No matter how much trouble Michael might get into, he s determined to find out for himself. Based on a transformative experience co-author Michael Bandy had as a boy, this compelling story sheds light on the reality of segregation through a child’s eyes, while showing the powerful awareness that comes from daring to question the way things are.

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NAACP Image Award nominee
Toy Oppenheimer Portfolio Award

Library Media Connection (highly recommended)
Strickland’s illustrations compliment the text beautifully with a commitment to detail.

Inspirational in tone, this is a strong introduction for young listeners and readers to the American Civil Rights movement.